Our Venus represents what we love, enjoy, delight in and what gives us pleasure.

It only makes sense that those things, experiences, people and ideas that we want in our life are going to be what makes us happy.

If we are naturally allowing what brings us joy to happen in our lives, we will attract more of it – we will attract that which matches it.


Did you know that you have your own personal attraction tool?

My Venus reading focuses 100% on digging deep into your Venus stats (your Venus sign/house/cards).

Your Venus represents what brings you joy, makes you happy, gives you pleasure and inspires your creativity.

If you consciously know and do what makes you happy, you will naturally attract to you exactly what you want in life!

That includes relationships, experiences, ideas and things.


This isn't a computer generated reading. I take the time to prepare this for you and during the reading, you can ask about anything specific that feels like a stumbling block for you.


How would it feel to go walking out into your world feeling fully connected to your authentic power?

With that connection all kinds of awesome  things will happen.

Things will be falling over themselves to line up with you vibrationally.

And the love will be radiating out from you naturally, so you don’t really have to try to give anything because it will just...be...a...part...of....you! 

Pretty cool, huh?couple_heart1

This Reading Reveals:

  • Your innate magnetism that is your personal attraction power

    Awaken, active or stengthen your personal attraction power to naturally draw to you what you desire.

  • Know for sure if you are suppressing your personal attraction power - is this why you can't seem to attract what you really want?

    Activate it and learn to use it - not suppress it.

  • Learn to operate from the highest form of your Venus and make HAPPY the built-in feature of your existence (like it is meant to be!)

    You can start living from that higher perspective – and have more to give because of it.

  • You see what energies are there for you to tap into and use in your daily life.

    No more looking outside of yourself to feel good.

  • What You'll Receive:

  • A PDF reference sheet with all of your Venus Stats

  • A 60-minute consultation with me about your Venus stats and how they influence the direction of your life.

  • Practical tips on awakening, activating or stengthening your Venus energy so you are naturally attracting what you desire.

  • An mp3 recording of our session delivered to you via email within 48 hours of our call.



This Venus Attraction Power Reading is $98 Book a reading with me today!

Yes, I Want to Activate My Venus Attraction Power!

Ash_bio_imageThere is so much that the cards can show us about how we can live a happier, more fulfilled life. I can't wait to help you awaken and use your innate power - to live empowered is a beautiful thing!

Can't wait to share this with you!