If you are...

  • Tired of wondering why you aren't manifesting what you want

  • Confused about the decisions you are making - are they the right ones to create what you are truly wanting?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by what to do, or what not to do, therefore doing nothing!

Then it is time to to connect with the YOU that is already living what you want!

You change all the time – vibrationally – even if you’re not aware of it. This is the biggest block in manifesting.

By understanding your energy as well as the cosmic energy that is assisting you, you become clear on what you can shift and focus on to reach your goals.

Once you understand what might be blocking you and how to be aware of your vibration (physical and non-physical), you can manifest with clarity and confidence!

Once you connect with this YOU,  you'll stop struggling to make the decisions needed to manifest your desires. You'll attract the right people (co-creators) and intuitively KNOW what to do next to create the perfect plan of action for anything you want to create.


Randi Laugh circleRandi references your manifestation by tapping into a "timeline" - the date in which you are realizing the intention. She also channels "plateaus" - significant points along your blueprint or Source Soul Contract which are aligning according to your energy and choices. These can be in areas of work/career, health, relationships and home. The number of plateaus vary, ranging from 1-10 years in the future.


ashcircleAshley provides the portions of your Forecast within the cards that pertain to the timelines and plateaus given to assist you in the supportive and cosmic energies that are at play within your blueprint/Source Soul Contract.


You are not alone in creating! This session alerts you to all the co-creative components to this life and how the guidance to achieve/do/manifest ALL THINGS are closer than we could ever imagine!

In this session you'll get:

  • A channeled meditation/visualization to connect to your guidance/omniscience.

  • Dates given for the manifestation of the intentions you set as a measurement of alignment to those intentions.

  • Channeled guidance on what you need to change, activate or let go of to align with your desire.

  • Guidance from your current Forecast within the cards that pertain to the events/energy referenced.

  • Plateaus and dates to represent those significant points along your blueprint/Source Soul Contract (a head's up on those life-affirming matters that feel more like destiny!)

  • An MP3 recording of the session for you to utilize as you manifest, to center & connect with the visualization/meditation as needed.

  • I loved the keen insights that my Referencing Sessions brought to me. I seldom find other ideas that sync with my metaphysical training and beliefs and, gratefully, this one was in alignment. I am a strong believer in self-correction, and if you had Randi and Ashley’s guidance, you’d know precisely where to focus your efforts.
    Pat Matson, Copywriter and Metaphysics Teacher
  • I truly loved the Referencing Sessions and how Randi started it out by getting me in a state of calmness. Being able to listen to the recording helps me a lot. The Referencing really helped me see where I was and how working within myself with what they gave me could truly change the time frame on some things. Referencing taught me how to fine-tune and tweak what I was intending by just seeing something differently and working with that. The tools they gave me has changed my life so much. I would truly recommend doing a Referencing Session with Randi, Ashley and your guides. So much has changed in my life since I started this journey with them. I am looking forward to many more journeys with them.
    Nancy Duprest
  • My referencing sessions with Randi were something I've never had before, and I've experienced many types of intuitive readings over the years. This was something wholly different and wonderful! To not only be given important events as plateaus for my specific path, but to also be given timelines and general dates was phenomenal. To have universal source speak through Randi as a channeler to give me encouragement and confirmation about the choices I've made and the goals I have for my life... I've never felt so amazed and comforted! I was in the presence of something truly powerful and awe inspiring, and Randi's gifts are just that- a gift. A gift to be held and shared!
    Lauren Devora
  • Randi's essence, her effervescent way of being added so much to my experience with referencing: her willingness to repeat information, slow down, let me digest the information before going forward, her patience with me as I assimilated and raised my vibration to match that of the content she was giving me, her awareness and complete presence, her encouragement- all these things that are just intrinsic to Randi's nature added depth, sweetness and a profound level of trust to our sessions.
    Nessa Lee, Empath & Bodyworker

The foundation of Referencing is based upon these 7 premises:

  • All imagined outcomes exist
  • Every lived outcome exists as an alternate timeline (YOU taking the other path)
  • Time is an illusion; ALL happens NOW
  • The YOU that has taken your conceived "future" path can speak to you via vibration & "time" as Timeline Referencing
  • We all live a blueprint that we've chosen with the time and place of our birth
  • We can connect and discover the plateaus of that blueprint--what we are destined to do/achieve/connect & co-create. This is called Plateau Referencing
  • All comes into your physical existence via intention and CHOICE. Referencing is a measure of alignment as time according to what you are CHOOSING to manifest!

We are evolving. Referencing is like flying 300 years ago--it seemed impossible. But today, we cross the sky constantly. 

Become familiar with the impossible: BOOK A REFERENCING SESSION.