In this short, but packed-with-stuff-you-can-really use, you will leave with:

  • Clarity on what has been holding you back from your goals.
  • A new awareness of what is causing your overwhelm and frustration (it may not be what you think!)
  • A "next‐step" plan to step towards the life you desire


This Mini Reading is only $15

Yes, I'm ready!
  • “Thank you Ashley! I have been studying astrology for a few years but I am new to Cardology. Ashley was able to explain things and keep it simple, meeting me at my current level. Her reading could not have been more on point. We covered my career, my life challenges, and relationships. The relationship aspect was especially helpful. Carodology adds an independent/supportive layer to readings I have had via astrology numerology or tarot. The cards show as much as a birth chart, if not more. This call with Ashley was not a computer generated report that you are being read, but a conversation where she answers your questions with her intuition and experience with the cards. She knows her stuff! I plan to have a follow up reading in a few months and to follow along with her blog and educational site.”
    Nike John