We're living this new paradigm, something we call the Age of Omniscience. We are no longer directed by our egos, by limitation, and by stress.

We are living by the Love Intrinsic to Us!

Is this you?

  • You have felt things changing; you want to be upleveled and part of the changes...

  • You sense a need for a deeper connection--to yourself, to others, to Gaia...

  • You want to give birth to the YOU that will be part of this shift...


What is Happening?

Map AOM Pastel smlCreate the Leap is committed to facilitating guidance and structure for this brave new paradigm, what we call the Age of Omniscience. It includes such superhero abilities as telepathy, self-healing, astral travel and living 100-700 years! (This is what we call "Jedi Mastery/Magic" and can be found in the Map to the Age of Omniscience, along with other components of this shift in consciousness.)

Sounds like science fiction right? The thing is, it's happening now. 

The Age of Omniscience is not something we're preparing for, we are living it. Part of experiencing it to the fullest is aligning to 12-strand DNA that lies dormant in our energetic makeup in the blueprint we were born with. We don't have to walk over coals to be qualified (but if that's what you love to do by all means!) All that's required is to make a commitment to live the entirety of you.

That commitment has brought you to us. We facilitate an alignment to the Love Intrinsic, the god-stuff that we are comprised of as Source. There are many names for Source (God/Goddess, chi, prana, higher self, soul--again, we honor your name for it). Aligning with the Love Intrinsic to you means that you are agreeing to step into the body/mind/soul-awareness that has been waiting to be as expansive as you can be.

Limitations are dropping away, and if they are present, you are keenly aware as to what they are showing you. This goes for physical healing. A malady might disappear from this alignment, or it will heal faster because of the gift of awareness that it brings.

Your empathic abilities are honed to where you are not separated, but sharing consciousness with ALL things. You realize that you came into this body and on this Earth in this time because you are enjoying the adventure of forgetting how expansive you are as Source, and get to remember all over again!

The actual alignment will be done as a group, as we hold each other in this energy of infinity.




arrow-rIf you're ready to deeply connect with the YOU that is stepping into the new paradigm, and to join with Gaia to BE the shift, align with the LOVE intrinsic to you, be pampered, fed physically, emotionally and spiritually, and awaken your Jedi Mastery,  you're in the right place!


In this 3-day live Retreat, you'll experience:

  • A new connection to yourself and Gaia through the Four Elements with...

    Spa/Bodywork, fire circle, hikes & meditation

  • 3 yoga classes--moving as the Earth & AS LOVE!

  • "Activating Your Venus" Cardology workshop

    Discover what your Venus card (from your Cardology Lifespread) reveals about your innate magnetism and connection to Gaia.

  • Channeled sessions from Our Guides about...

    What life is in this new paradigm as the Love Intrinsic. Ask questions as you shift expectations from limitation to expansion!

  • Shared dreaming exercise

    As the Love Intrinsic, we are redefining constructs. Sharing a dream not only in our waking life, but our dreaming one, too!

  • Locally grown, organic, DELICIOUS sustainable meals prepared and provided for you!

  • A Group Love Intrinsic Alignment!

We invite you to join us at the Love Intrinsic Retreat!

WHEN: October 27-29, 2017

WHERE: The gorgeousness of Heartwood Community, Blue Ridge, Georgia!

Heartwood Collage


Aspects of YOU to look forward to as Aligned to the Love Intrinsic:

  • Endless energy
  • Immersion into NOW
  • Living and appreciating peace, calm, and connection
  • A sense of letting go--releasing all components of the old paradigm and an embracing and satisfaction of the mystery of the unknown
  • Guidance and suggestions from your body consciousness--knowing what to eat, when to rest, what certain emotions are indicating, etc.
  • Decrease in need/time for sleep
  • Knowing your Source Soul Contract (your soul-contribution/purpose in this life)
  • Receiving energy from sources other than food/sleep, etc.
  • Ability to reference* dates, dream symbols, and recognitions of spirit/guides
  • Development and practice of Jedi Mastery magic--telepathy, astral travel, timewalking, lifewalking, spiritwalking, etc.
  • Empathic abilities--feeling the thoughts/emotions of others
  • Ability to channel who you are in other dimensions: timelines, lifetimes, a collection of souls, guides, and Phases* of focus
  • Explorations of your Closed-Eyed Dream (you outside of your human body/world) through dreams, journeys, and other adventures of spirit
  • Ability to channel the Love Intrinsic Alignment for others (they are YOU after all!)

*Referencing and Phasing are both constructs within the Age of Omniscience. More explained throughout our website and in our "Glossary of Terms & Far-Out Ideas"

If you're ready to step into this NEW YOU, be pampered, supported and upleveled - Register now!

Full Pay $998 (Best price) 

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Or, Pay in 2 Monthly Installments of $599

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What is included in the retreat investment?

Your investment includes the 2½ day retreat experience, which includes lodging in a luxurious brand new cabin! Meals included are Friday night dinner, 3 meals on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, prepared for you from Heartwood's organic, sustainable garden. Provided all day will be filtered water, coffee & tea. A bodyworker from Heartwood will be providing 1 treatment of your choice. A group Love Intrinsic Alignment, 3 yoga classes, mini workshops and exercises along with deep, supportive conversations and connection with our guides, Gaia, and each other!

If you have any specific questions, please contact us at: createtheleap@gmail.com and we'll be happy to talk with you personally.