What is our work for the Age of Omniscience? We share guidance for the next wave of exploration, expansion and evolution.

We are here to nurture a framework that brings humanity from the paradigm shift onto the resulting plane of existence--one that utilizes love, connection & recognition rather than fear, separation and limitation.

We offer big ideas and practical tools to introduce, or foster a further relationship with your multidimensionality--you beyond your physical/intellectual/emotional self.

We offer assistance in rediscovering, on this physical plane, the entirety of you.

What is next in our evolution? The community explores a new era--The Age of Omniscience--through channeled sessions, discussion, local gatherings, courses, workshops, social media interaction and more!

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Who are we?

We are Randi Janelle & the Guides (as well as the Create the Leap community!). We share channeled wisdom to help leap us into the Age of Omniscience and take humanity further in frequency!


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Topics Include:

  • Evolving from conditional security and structure to limitless imagination and adventure.

  • Using your soul's blueprint as revealed through your cards (Cardology) to successfully navigate your life in this new paradigm.

  • Learning about Vessel Phasing as a way to connect to your multidimensionality and shift into newer shared constructs.

  • Shifting your diet and beliefs to live the wellness and longevity of the Sustainable Body.

  • Transforming your physical vessel to that of your 12-strand DNA blueprint and lightbody to travel beyond this world.

  • Connecting to your Energetic Extension: alternate lifetimes and versions of yourself--YOU as any manifestation of Source.

  • Learning to live outside the bounds of time with dream work (the open-eyed dream AND closed-eyed dream) and much more!