This reading gives a wonderful overall look at who you really are—at who and what your soul wishes to express in this life. It can clarify purpose, your innate talents and potentials that can be hidden from you. ( Even how you can make money!)

This reading is unique in that I look at all the key elements from your Birth & Ruling card spreads as well as important aspects of your Astrological chart and your Numbers. I call theses 'soul stats.'

When these are combined, they paint a unique picture of you and things that once were confusing will finally make sense! This isn't a computer generated reading. I take the time to prepare this for you and during the reading, you can ask about anything specific that feels like a stumbling block for you.

What Clients are saying:

"I think the power of belief is often super underrated, and believing that you are capable of achieving something is way more than half the battle.  I left the reading with new vision, hope and direction, and I couldn't be more happy about it. My day to day would not be exactly what it is without Ashley's powerful insights, and I have nothing but gratitude towards her for that. I now feel closer to my goals and my core values, and more capable of consistently pursuing my dreams than ever!" ~Greg Eaton | SPC-CDT Records


 You are an extension of Source.

You have the same creative energy as Source.

That creative energy is yours to use to create the life, experiences and expressions of Source that you came to share!


This Reading Reveals:

  • Your innate power & gifts that help you see yourself in a new way.

    This helps in shifting your perspective about limits, into one of you being limitless.

  • It allows you to see yourself differently.

    Not as someone with flaws and limits and challenges that feel like tests you must pass before anything good can happen to you.

  • The higher perspective of your life, so you can feel in control and authentic.

    You can start living from that higher perspective – one that operates from your authentic power, potential and gifts.

  • You see what energies are there for you to tap into and use in your daily life.

    No more looking outside of yourself for help.

  • What You'll Receive:

  • A PDF reference sheet with your cards and the main highlights from all your soul stats.

  • A 90-minute consultation with me about your cards and how they influence the direction of your life.

  • An mp3 recording of our session delivered to you via email within 48 hours of our call.

  • A follow-up email from me to see if you have any additional questions.

  •  Do you desire to live, regularly and consistently, with Source as your Provider?
  • To know that you and your desires are never about limitations?
  • To live with the absolute knowing that Source is ALWAYS 100% supportive and there to manifest your desires?

This Reading can be the foundation you need to start living as a collaborator with Source