It’s fun to answer the question, what superpower would I choose? But what if you really DO have superpowers? It’s Time to activate them! In this new paradigm (the Age of Omniscience), abilities & connection beyond our old comprehension live inside a 12-strand DNA blueprint.

No, you don’t have to be bit by a radioactive spider or shipped off from a dying planet... you can simply shift to living the Love Intrinsic to everything!

Join us & walk/fly away with:

  1. information about 12-strand DNA & shift from brain to body consciousness
  2. your superpower that is ready to awaken
  3. answers to your questions from our channeled guides
  4. insights from a Cardology exercise on your authentic connection to Love.

WHEN: 10am-12pm, September 9th

WHERE: Chiropratic at the Lighthouse 62 Shawnee Trail SE, Marietta

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This FREE workshop is an introduction to topics which we’ll immerse ourselves in during a The Love Intrinsic Retreat in late October at gorgeous Blue Ridge, GA. We are committed to supporting, facilitating and exploring a framework for this brave new era of expansion in consciousness!