Navigating the current changes in our society can cause anxiety and a sense of separation, distracting you from focusing on your purpose for this lifetime.  

With feelings of humanity going backward instead of forward, you wonder what you can do as an individual to make a difference...

Can you make a difference?

Yes, you can.

Let's change that feeling of disempowerment to empowerment, shall we?

 We are excited to introduce Vessel Phasing!

The Vessel is the vehicle of your consciousness. We are moving beyond our bodies and minds as the main modes of experience. These are 9 transitions/plateaus called Vessel Phasing.

Most of us are experiencing Phases 2-4, and as we move beyond them, reality becomes less tethered to the physical. As limitation diminishes, the possibilities truly become endless!

But, before you jump into learning more about Vessel Phasing, you need to know what phase you are experiencing now!

We've put together a fun quiz which will help you pinpoint where you are currently.

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness." -Lao Tzu



  • Are You Wondering What is Next For You? Where Are You in This Phasing? and What Can It Do For You?

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety:

    Know that you have a purpose, you're not alone, you have guidance and there are skills to assist you with any challenges.

  • Open realms of possibility and expansion beyond the limitations perceived by a human consciousness directed by ego.

    Learn to live more immediately from the heart and with the spirit of omniscience as being connected to ALL.

  • Understand the laws and energy of the phase you're in and how it manifests in physical reality.

    Learn how to create according to your phase. See how it becomes simple, more immediate & intricately connected with ALL!

  • Learn multiple views of reality that make sharing this world with others easier.

    We can relate to those who are living ANY PHASE, even if they don't subscribe to this construct.

  • Bring spirituality into the everyday rather than keeping it to a private or secluded environment. Access a community of others who are seeking to share in this recognition of spirit.

Find out what Phase you are Experiencing!

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