Are you ready to embody your diet in a way that is healthy, natural and sustainable?

What is a diet for you? Is it just a way to lose the holiday poundage?

What if it could be shifting back to the way your body is naturally inclined towards food and the Earth's rhythms? What if it could lead to healing imbalances, diseases, and emotional stress?

What if it creates such longevity and peace in your life that you live longer, happier and with awareness?

Get started with the FREE Sustainable Body 5-Day Challenge!

December 11-15, 2017.

  • Checking In: What does your body really want? What is it telling you?

    What do YOU really want? What are your motives? Get to the root of your desires for health and sustainability.

  • Connect with natural rhythms and elements as you eat!

    Guidance on eating specifics that you might not know about...

  • Learn how your body speaks to you

    ...and how to start a Body Lexicon

  • Whole Foods! (No, not the store. :)

    ...and why eating seasonally from the Earth makes a difference.

  • Discover the Moods of Food

    ...and how they might be behaving within you!

Yes, I'm ready for this challenge!

...and more!

You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself in this busy time. Food, eating, and loving all of it (you!) will go a long way beyond the week of the challenge.

Treat yourself to the wisdom of your own body. You deserve it. :)