The Playing cards are an ancient system filled with wisdom and practical self-development tools!

We each have a Birth card and a Yearly Forecast.

When you work with each card in your forecast, you can gain valuable insights into how to improve your life.

I've created a Cardology Resource Library so you can look up a card and have access to self-improvement articles, tips and affirmations that match that card's message.

As well, there are Guides & Worksheets for various topics to understand this system better and use it in your daily life.

You can use this Library as a reference when using the cards for your personal divination, or to help make the most of your Yearly Forecast.

PLUS - You will also get my ebook: The Intricate Patterns of You

Learn what the playing cards are really about and what your Birth card means for you!


  • Articles with tips and tools

    Make the most of the cards in your forecast by utilizing it's message with practical self-improvement wisdom

  • Journaling Questions and Prompts

    Discover journaling prompts and questions that match the message of your card

  • Download beautiful images with affirmations that match your card

  • And Much More!

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