Relationships don't need to be so confusing...

Take the first step on understanding and improving your relationships. Learn about the Card Connections in Cardology.


What if you had...

    • A way to check in on the energy of a relationship (or possible relationships) as soon as you meet the person.


    • No more confusion about who they are and how things might go - no more slogging through wondering if they are who they say they are! You will know how to use Cardology and the card connections to understand IMMEDIATELY what is really up!


    • A system for truly understanding the relationship dynamics within your family


    • No more false perceptions about why certain family members act as they do.
    • No more misinformation and assumptions about yourself, about them and about healthy behaviors.


Learn to change old reactionary habits because you KNOW what is really going on  - ways to handle it, uplevel and HEAL.

Introducing The Cards Connection Course

An online course designed to give you the information and step-by-step tools so you can use Cardology to clarify and transform your relationships.

In this Course, you'll learn:

What energetic connection and/or soul contract you have with a friend, family member, or romantic partner and what type of relationship dynamic it is creating.

♣ Understand YOUR part in the relationship, what you can shift and how to change your perspective about them.

Have the confidence to relate to them. The Course covers the different types of old-way habits of relating that are NOT positive, yet this is how most people handle relationships. Your shift creates a bridge, a possible way to change and healing for the relationship.

♠ YES, a positive relationship is possible and absolutely within your reach – and they don’t even have to know what YOU know!


Are you a parent? A sibling? A daughter or son? Want to better understand your family dynamics and why family members relate as they do?

Learn to see the differences in how one family member relates to the others and how you can shift any negative feelings or reactions to growth and harmony!


Are you in love? Married? Dating and wishing you could pull back that confusing veil and see what is really going on? 

Learn to really see and understand how to work with the energetic connections going on in your intimate relationships.


Do you wish you could better understand your co-workers? Your boss? Your employees? What if you need to sign a contract or become partners in business and wonder if down the road things will change in your relationship?

Learn to know upfront what the dynamics will be and see if it's a soul contract and how to make it a positive one!

Discover and utilize the life-changing skill of Card Connections through Cardology in just a few months, with support and ease through The Card Connections Course.


"I had an amazing experience. The information was enlightening and it brought a lot of clarity to my connections to everything in my life. The number one goal I set for all my relationships during and after the course was to improve them with understanding that each connection has a purpose. If you are looking for enlightenment and are on a journey to self-realization, look no further than Ashley’s connection course. In this class, you’ll learn how to play with a full deck."

Ricara Barnes K♥ 2♥


"I came into the course with a foundational level of understanding of the topic. This course helped to build on to that foundation and cleared up a lot of what puzzled me from self-study. I loved that Ashley was extremely helpful and pretty active in the group to keep discussions going. I have a much firmer grasp on Cardology. I enrolled in this course to better understand Cardology in general, so that I could offer help to others. This course has given me the know-how and the confidence to “read” clients with accuracy."

Tyja Robinson Q♣



The Card Connections Course is a complete, start-to-finish training in how to recognize and work with the energetic connections you have with your relationships!

You’ll get access to 6 training modules. Each module contains video lessons and workbook with fun, hands-on, practical assignments and activities that will serve to deepen and personalize your knowledge of the card connections in Cardology.

PLUS, for every Module, you’ll get worksheets, practical exercises for shifting negative relationship habits, a zoom class every 2 weeks for QnA's and a private Telegram group to ask questions and be able to USE what you are learning to help your relationships!

You’ll Also Receive Some Pretty Awesome Bonuses! Here Are Just A Few:

Bonus #1

A virtual 1-on-1 session with Past Lives facilitator Bobby Baranowski. He takes you back through a special technique that is NOT hypnosis! I HIGHLY recommend Bobby and have been working with him for years. Because you will be diving deeper into the relationships you have that are from past lives, this special bonus can enhance and forward any past life relationship that you need to explore further to help you resolve, heal or transform. This session is valued at $100 and you get it as part of the Course!

Bonus #2

A 1-on-1 Reading (1 hour) with me regarding a specific relationship. I'll look at your current forecast and theirs to add to the relationship dynamics so we can create steps for you to move forward towards healing or shifting it. This is a Reading valued at $197 and is part of what you get in the Course!

What's included in the Card Connections Course?

  • Video lessons to walk you through how to find the types of connections in the Earth and Spiritual Spreads.
  • Worksheets, charts and guides to break down the various types of connections you have with those in your life.
  • A private Mastermind Facebook group with weekly sessions to discuss and ask questions.
  • A zoom session every 2 weeks for a QnA to discuss and ask questions on the module you are working through.
  • Bonuses - A Past Life session and a Reading!
  • Reference charts: Strengths and Weaknesses of EACH card & The 9 Habits of Relating most people use and how to transform them.
  • Exercises, visualizations and meditations to transform and uplevel your relationships.
  • And more!

Clarify the energetic connections you have with your family, friends and lovers.

♥ Transform difficult or negative relationships into ones with acceptance, growth and harmony.

♥ Learn to get what is really going on with the people in your lives!

This Course begins on January 17, 2022 - are you ready to understand and empower your relationships?

Choose from a one-time payment (saving you $53) or 6 monthly payments.

Six Monthly Payments

$85 per month