I AM VIBRATION. What's Next?

Perhaps you have experience with connecting to your past lives, but in the Age of Omniscience, we understand time is an illusion, a construct for creation, and so this opens up so many more energetic relationships. We have INFINITE alternate lifetimes, and timelines (all versions of us that we did not choose to live in this physical reality).

Establishing a bond with those that connect with you in your dreams and daily life can provide a clarity to your blueprint and purpose (what we call Source Soul Contract) that perhaps was unknown before. 

We introduce the concepts of exploring through the 2DD Vessel (lightbody) to the incarnations of you beyond Earth in the physical and non-physical. Manifestation becomes extremely collaborative as your guidance expands from these realms to assist you.

This is a local course that runs for two weeks to explore the terms of the extension of who we are.

This course has three 3-hour meetings for class (Nov 15, 22 & 29 from 6-9pm), and will include channeled sessions, exercises, reading, resources and plenty to ponder as you meet the entirety of you. The cost is $125.



  • Learn the new definition of past lives and how you can use them.

  • How to view your dreams as translations of multidimensional adventures beyond the physical.

  • Understand the connection between the energy of your food and the energy of your body.

  • Learn to utilize patterns & symbols as a feedback system for your blueprint. Playing cards are one of the feedback systems - learn why and how to use them.

  • Be introduced to the concepts of Vessel Phasing as general transitions to live the fullness of your physical and non-physical reality.

Join us for "I AM VIBRATION. Whats Next?"

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