Your body knows best what it needs to be at your optimal weight and energy, to feel strong, healthy, and sustainable!

We are elated to be offering a Sustainable Body Course & Consultation. Randi taps into your body and intuits what foods are best for you to eat and which ones to remove from your diet.

This is not a diet as much as it is a resetting of what your body needs to feel and look it's best. Food is not the enemy and if you've tried out all the fad diets or starved yourself, your body would've told you it wasn't the way. Often, we try different diets and we cannot stick to them, because they aren't quite the right recipe for what our bodies are built for. What if you could ask your body for those recipes and lifestyle changes? What would it say?

Diet and lifestyle is typically connected to our social customs, emotional habits and past or learned behaviors. If you are reading this, your body is encouraging change. It recognizes itself as the ultimate voice on what you need to sustain it--not to cure imbalances with medication or invasive surgeries, but to regain balance through food and awareness!

We are living busy, full lives that require practical application in order to change as our patterns and way of eating as well as our mindsets, body-image and emotional triggers around food. Knowing what is happening with you energetically allows you to make changes holistically and with greater awareness. Therefore, not only do we offer instruction on food and recipes, but also guidance from your personal cardology forecast. This creates and supports habit-forming tools to assist with living your sustainable body.

Discover what foods your body wants, what foods are causing issues and what foods create the optimal environment within your system to drop weight, decrease inflammation, bloating, joint pain and low energy.

Discover the foods and lifestyle that are truly YOU!

We were born with a guidance system that is more elegant, intricate and practical than perhaps you've understood before. This consultation taps into your guidance and directs your choices as you set your intentions for a more healthy body. The choice is ultimately yours.

This Program Includes:  

  • 1-hour in person or phone consultation to reveal the foods your body desires

  • A printable spreadsheet listing your optimal, in moderation & non-optimal foods for an initial 1-month reset/cleanse and lifestyle following

  • Information from your current Cardology Forecast to assist with any emotional or mindset issues*

  • Access to a 6-week online course that lets you get to the core of any food/eating issues and how to create a healthy body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • A 30-day follow-up call to ask questions and check in as your lifestyle adjusts

  • Contact for 3 months for any adjustments, questions and accountability!

  • Guidance, journaling and encouragement to CONNECT fully with your body's intelligence, developing trust in YOUR INHERENT WISDOM!

  • Recipes, and a private facebook group for support

Things to look forward to:

  • Healthier Hair & Skin
  • Weight loss
  • Intuitive hits for using food/herbs to combat illnesses
  • Happiness (because you feel so much better!)
  • Steady moods
  • Appreciation for diversity of diets - when we realize that one diet is not the only one for everyone, we can accept that others aren't just being picky eaters!
  • A heightened connection to your body's own guidance and wisdom to keep you healthy
  • Removing and letting go of food/eating habits that were never serving you!

Yes, I'm ready to listen to my body and make some changes!

For three months of guidance to your Sustainable Body: $287

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  • Greg Eaton
    "I recently received an optimal diet consultation from Create the Leap. I must say, at first I was a tiny bit skeptical. A few items seemed like they were categorized incorrectly. However, something told me I should trust it. And, my goodness !! I am making great progress on how I feel, and I am certainly starting to understand how some items I used to use as staples were not healthy for me. I completely recommend consulting with Create the Leap if you want guidance towards feeling better, mentally and physically, via optimizing your diet."
    Greg Eaton
  • Lisa Wagoner
    I had the best time going to the store last night, getting food on my approved list! I feel my body being happy for getting the good food it needs. If a stomach can smile, mine is!
    Lisa Wagoner

DISCLAIMER: This is not just about food. It is about fostering a connection with your intuition and your body's guidance. It will leave you not only feeling fitter, more energized and more confident in your own body, but also in your life. As you learn to hone and trust the connection to yourself, you will find it easier and more fulfilling to connect with others, and to honor their wisdom as well!

satisfaction-goldWe believe in energetic exchange and a satisfying experience for ALL. If this consultation is not a great fit for you, we will refund your money in full within the first 30 days.

Sustainable Body Phases

Phase 1: An intro to the foods that are you!

What you get:

  • A list of foods that are channeled and specifically for you
  • Introduction to the 6 Sustainable Body diets
  • A cleanse/reset to heal hormonal, structural and emotional imbalances
  • Week by week guidance on the inner as well as outer work (addictive behaviors, weight and body image, a deeper relationship with body: BELIEFS)
  • Recipes & Meal Planning
  • Intro to foods to pair together for the benefit of vitamin/mineral absorption
  • Intro to anti-aging
  • Learning how your body speaks to you and how to understand it's messages

Phase 3: The Body as a Healer. For you and the Earth.

  • Check in on your food list
  • Learn about packaging, processed, local, organic, seasonal: even ripened on the tree/plant/ground! Frozen or pre-chopped. Convenient, yes, but also disconnecting from food a bit!
  • Aim to be off of supplements if possible!
  • Sustainable Youthening!
  • Cooking sustainably -what containers, how to cook to get the most of your meals (glass, no microwaves, cast iron, kettles, energy efficiency!)
  • Healing the body through the body’s recommendation of diet
  • Cleanses to use periodically
  • Restructuring various “ailments” i.e. some of the periphery issues: acne, hemorrhoids, memory, brittle nails and hair, skin damage, joint/ligament damage, broken bones, etc.
  • Cord-cutting to remove barriers. Pairing with yoga or meditation/a walk is a great habit to get into!

Phase 2: Let the body talk. Define and refine your goals.

  • An Updated Food List
  • In-depth information on food combining for the optimal nutrient absorption - learn what truly makes proteins complete and what food combinations not only harm the system, but create a more optimal use of food.

    What foods are okay for a non-carb diet and how to make the most of enjoying them

  • The next level of pairing foods together for vitamin/mineral absorption (begin weaning off of supplements).Healing your body from a reliance on man-made materials to that of the Earth.
  • Societal/lifestyle integration. GOALS. YOU HAVE THE POWER!
  • Emphasis on asking the BODY. Learn to use Muscle testing or Pendulum - pay attention to the body’s responses.
  • Redefining aging. Letting the body settle into it’s intelligent patterns