Join us in this new online workshop, and we’ll show you how you can manifest your desires by using the Moon cycles, your personal Lunar Cards and a tool we’re introducing called “Referencing.”

Manifesting can be frustrating when you aren’t aware of where your own energy is, but it shouldn’t be frustrating! Creating your desires should be fun and is really why we are all here. When approached in the right way, manifesting is about being in-tune with your vibration, choosing exactly what you want, and setting up a way to check in on your vibration to course correct as you need.  It’s also a great opportunity to use your power as a multidimensional being!

We are excited to announce a new course called: 

Manifest by the Moon & “Reference” Your Success

*Special Solar Eclipse Edition*

This is much more than just manifesting with the Moon cycles!

Manifesting with the Moon + Your Personal Lunar Cards + Referencing Sessions + Solar Eclipse BIG INTENTION= An in-depth, badass way to manifest while utilizing an awareness of your energy and the cosmic energies at play!

It is one of the ways to use your power as an omniscient multidimensional being!

Did you know:

  • All 8 phases of the Moon have specific energetics that can help us stay on track with our goals.
  • We each have Lunar cards – cards that change every 4 days and these cards can be used to highlight a benefit or way to best use the Moon phase that goes with them.
  • By asking yourself specific questions, you can get crystal clear on your desire to be sure you are going for what you really want…not what you “think” you want.
  • You change all the time – vibrationally – even if you’re not aware of it! This is the biggest block in manifesting. By understanding your energy as well as the cosmic energy that is assisting you, you become clear on what you need to change and do to reach your goals.
  • We experience 2-3 solar eclipses a year, and September 1st is the last one for 2016. A solar eclipse is like a New Moon on rings your intentions in light and opens doors. THIS IS THE TIME TO GO FOR SOMETHING BIG! The next solar eclipse isn't until February 26, 2017, so this is a perfect time to align for a major manifestation in your life!

Only once you understand what is holding you back and how to be aware of what is going on with you vibrationally, you can manifest with clarity and confidence!

This is a six-week course that begins on the New Moon + Solar Eclipse (we'll start the day before to get you prepared) and runs from August 31 - October 16. It allows for you to experience one moon cycle and half of the next in order to become familiar with the process and refine it with us through another Full Moon!

What is this new tool?

Our Guides call it "Referencing"...and you get TWO sessions (1 at each Full Moon during the 6 weeks)  to receive your personal referencing with timelines and plateaus. The solar eclipse also offers reflection on our junctures. (These sessions alone are worth $180!)


  • Worksheets to help you get very clear on your intentions.

    Manifesting begins with goals. Are you desiring to create from fear or from love? Are your goals too general? Are they in alignment with your current vibration? Utilize the timeframe of a Moon cycle and the opportunistic energy of the solar eclipse to bring you immediate results!

  • Discover your personal Lunar cards and how to apply them to the cycles.

    These are paired with the 8 phases of each Moon cycle, giving you insights for the energy of each phase. Learn to CHOOSE the cards to focus on. The choice is a reminder that there are infinite paths to realizing a goal. The cards also remind us that we are not alone in achieving them. They are being created in an environment with others (co-creators). The cards speak to the layers of manifesting, and the layers within ourselves as multidimensional beings.

  • Guidance on each moon phase and solar eclipse energy and how it assists you in manifesting.

    Each moon phase (changing every 3.5 days) has a specific function to assist you in being aware of the progression with the goal. Work with the zodiac signs of the moon as you phase with it! Every solar eclipse affects each person differently. Learn how this one will add to your personal progression and soul expansion as well as your manifesting goals.

  • 2 - Full Moon Referencing sessions with us so that you can complete a cycle and start a new one.

    Referencing is a tool in utilizing your omniscience. As a multidimensional being, you can access the YOU that has already realized the intention! Randi Janelle does this by tapping into a "timeline" - the date in which you are realizing the intention. Each session is an hour long, and includes 2 types of timeline referencing: dates for your New Moon intentions to be realized & a number of "plateaus". Plateaus are events/decisions/changes that can range from months away to 10 years in the future. Repeat the cycle and get clarity on how "closely" you are aligned you are with short-term intentions and long-term plateaus! Because this is a special Solar Eclipse Edition, during the first session, Randi will also reference your junctures, which are significant events/changes in your life that have set you on a specific soul-contract path. She will reference whether you have another due for your soul progression within the next set of solar eclipses. This is a unique insight that we can take advantage of while the moon/sun is aligned!

  • Guidance on learning to Reference yourself!

    Start by strengthening your relationship to your omniscience (or intuition, spirit energy, body language...whatever name you resonate with as your connection to ALL!). Trust your connection with those versions of you that are offering you guidance in the realized state of a manifestation. For example, if your intention is to improve your health - connect NOW to the YOU that is thriving and fit as a fiddle. The process is simpler than it seems, and the practice of accessing your omniscience connects you further than you can imagine!

  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and share your progress and experience.

    The more we connect to the energy of the cosmos, the more we understand we are not alone. During the 6-week course, we will be available to answer questions, along with a community of those who are taking the course. In paying for the course, you will always enjoy access to the group. If you're inspired, stick around and return the favor. Often when we help others in getting clear, we become clear ourselves.

  • FREE tools that we use ourselves to keep track of our creations.

    Whether it's pen and paper, or an online organizing app, we've found that discovering your multidimensionality can create a web of material to build on month by month. Starting with a Moon cycle can lead to a lifetime of discovery, creativity, and a deep contentment in knowing you are infinite!

Join us and learn a new manifesting technique!

Get clear on your goals and intentions (shoot for the Moon & the Solar Eclipse! ;), set up your Moon Cycle Chart, discover your personal Lunar Cards and we'll walk you through each Moon phase to create what you are wanting in your life with clarity, precision and confidence!

This brand new course is only $44. 

This is the only time it will be offered at this introductory price.

Sign up here and we'll see you there!


Randi & Ashley

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